Master of Science

Master of science


Course level:

Post Graduate

Duration :

2 years

Pattern :

CBCS Sem System

Intake :


Fees :

Rs. 50,580

Eligibility :

B.Sc. any Life Sci.

Certificate of Graduation


Description :

Master of Science in Biotechnology is a two years postgraduate degree programme. Biotechnology is an inter-displinary subject. Biotechnology is involves the applications of principles of technology to biological science for better understanding of life and good health. The programme aims to impart to eligible candidates, advanced lessons in biological process meant for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc. which are used in production of medicines and other such products.

The minimum eligibility for admission is passing B.Sc. in any life sciences or any equivalent degree and passed entrance exam conducted by P.H.A. Solapur University, Solapur. The course covers 4-semesters and the duration of each semester is 6 months.

Structure :

M.Sc. Part I Biotechnology

Semester I Semester II
Course Code Type of Course Course Code Type of Course
HCT 1.1 Theory HCT 2.1 Theory
HCT 1.2 Theory HCT 2.2 Theory
HCT 1.3 Theory SCT 2.1 Theory
SCT 1.1 Theory SCT 2.2 Theory
SCT 1.2 Theory OET 2.1 Theory
HCP 1.1 Practical OET 2.2 Theory
HCP 1.2 Practical HCP 2.1 Practical
HCP 1.3 Practical HCP 2.2 Practical
SCP 1.1 Practical SCP 2.1 Practical
SCP 1.2 Practical SCP 2.2 Practical
OEP 2.1 Practical
OEP 2.2 Practical

M.Sc. Part II Biotechnology

Semester III Semester IV
Course Code Type of Course Course Code Type of Course
HCT 3.1 Theory HCT 4.1 Theory
HCT 3.2 Theory HCT 4.2 Theory
SCT 3.1 Theory HCT 4.3 Theory
SCT 3.2 Theory SCT 4.1 Theory
OET 3.1 Theory SCT 4.2 Theory
OET 3.2 Theory MP 4.1 Project Work
HCP 3.1 Practical
HCP 3.2 Practical
SCP 3.1 Practical
SCP 3.2 Practical
OEP 3.1 Practical
OEP 3.2 Practical