Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)


Course level:


Duration :

3 years

Pattern :

CBCS Sem System

Intake :


Fees :

Rs. 50230

Eligibility :


Certificate of Graduation


Description :

Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology is a three years undergraduate degree programme. Biotechnology is an inter-displinary subject. Biotechnology is involves the applications of principles of technology to biological science for better understanding of life and good health. The programme aims to impart to eligible candidates, advanced lessons in biological process meant for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc. which are used in production of medicines and other such products.

The minimum eligibility for admission is passing 10+2 level or equivalent matriculation in science with biology as main subject from recognized board or institute. The course covers 6-semesters and the duration of each semester is 6 months.

Structure :

B.Sc. Part-I Theory Semester-I

Course Type Paper No Paper Name
AECC I English (communication skill)
DSC 1A I Biochemistry
II Metabolism
DSC 2A I Cell Biology – I
II Cell Biology – II
DSC 3A I Developmental Biology – I
II Developmental Biology – II
DSC 4A I Chemical Sciences
II Biophysics

B.Sc. Part-I Theory Semester-II

Course Type Paper No Paper Name
AECC II English (communication skill)
DSC 1B I Mammalian Physiology – I
II Mammalian Physiology – II
DSC 2B I Plant physiology – I
II Plant physiology – II
DSC 3B I Computer
II Biostatistics
DSC 4B I Animal Tissue Culture
II Plant Tissue Culture
FUNDAMENTAL Democracy, Elections and Good Governance

B.Sc. Part-I Practical Semester-I & II

Practical Course Based on Theory Paper
Laboratory Course I DSC 1A & 1B
Laboratory Course II DSC 2A & 2B
Laboratory Course III DSC 3A & 3B
Laboratory Course IV DSC 4A & 4B

B.Sc. Part-II Theory Semester-III

Course Code Paper No Paper Name
AECC I Environmental Studies
DSC 1C I Genetics-I
II Genetics-II
DSC 2C I General Microbiology-I
II General Microbiology-II
DSC 3C I Plant Biotechnology-I
II Plant Biotechnology-II

B.Sc. Part-II Theory Semester-IV

Course Code Paper No Paper Name
DSC 1D I Molecular Biology-I
II Molecular Biology-II
DSC 2D I Immunology-I
II Immunology-II
DSC 3D I Animal Biotechnology-I
II Animal Biotechnology-II

B.Sc. Part-II Practical Semester-III & IV

Practical Course Based on Theory Paper
Laboratory Course V DSC 1C & 1D
Laboratory Course VI DSC 2C & 2D
Laboratory Course VII DSC 3C & 3D

B.Sc. Part-III Theory Semester-V

Course Code/Type Paper No. Paper Name
AECC III English
BT301 - Plant Development
BT302 - Fermentation Technology
BT303 - Tools and Techniques
BT304A - Recent Trends in Biotechnology
or   or
BT304B - Introduction to Biotechnology based Industries

B.Sc. Part-III Theory Semester-VI

Course Code/Type Paper No. Paper Name
Course Code/Type Paper No. Paper Name
AECC IV English
BT305 - Animal Development
BT306 - Food and Dairy Technology
BT307 - Bioinformatics and Nanotechnology
BT308A - Applications of Biotechnology
or   or
BT308B - Quality Standard Practices in Biotechnology

B.Sc. Part-III Practical Semester-III & VI

Practical Course Based on Theory Paper
Laboratory Course VIII BT 301, BT 303 and BT-305
Laboratory Course IX BT-302, BT-306 and BT-307
Laboratory Course IX BT 304-A/BT-304-B and BT-308-A/BT-308-B
Laboratory Course IX Project Work