Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce


Course level:


Duration :

3 years

Pattern :

CBCS Sem System

Intake :


Fees :

Rs. 5540

Eligibility :


Certificate of Graduation


Description :

Growth of trade & commerce augmented the demand for commerce education. Rapid industrialization, expansion of banking & insurance industries, phenomenal growth of public sector, growth of demand for scientific approach to management through the absorption of qualified & trained people, a shift in the attitude of businessman gives wide scope for commerce education.

Commerce education covers diversified field of education & research indifferent aspects of business environment. It includes finance, marketing, accounting, HRM, entrepreneurship development, commercial & business law etc. Commerce education can be easily concluded that it is helpful in one’s life as well as vocation. Commerce is useful for all professionals. It is necessary that every professional lawyer, doctor, engineer can be benefited from commerce education. It is a type of training while playing its parts in the achievement of the general aims of education of any given level has for its primary objective the preparation of people to enter upon a business career or having entered upon such a career to render more efficient service there in & to adv. from their present levels of employment to higher levels.

Structure :

B.Com. - I

Semester - I Semester - II
English ( Compulsory) English ( Compulsory)
Business Economics Business Economics
Insurance Insurance
Principle of Marketing Principle of Marketing
Financial Accounting Financial Accounting
Principle of Management Principle of Management
- Democracy, Elections and Good Governance.

B.Com. – II

Semester - III Semester - IV
English ( Compulsory) English ( Compulsory)
Corporate Accountancy Corporate Accountancy
Money & Finance Money & Finance
Business Economics Business Economics
Business Statistics Business Statistics/td>
Fundamental of Entrepreneurship Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
- Environmental Science

B.Com. – III

Semester - V Semester - VI
Modern Management Practices Modern Management Practices
Co-operative Development Co-operative Development
Business Economics Business Economics
Advance Account Paper - I Advance Account Paper - I
Advance Account Paper - II Advance Account Paper - II
Business Regulatory Framework Business Regulatory Framework